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The town owes its beginnings to it's location at the narrowest crossing point of the Menai Strait. It has been an important crossing point of the treacherous waters for many thousands of years, indeed artifacts from the Bronze Age through to the Romans have been found in Menai Bridge. The first written documentation of Menai Bridge concerned the Battle of Porthaethwy in 1194, when Llywelyn the Great defeated his uncle Rhodri, son of Owain Gwynedd.

The Anglesey Coastal Path passes along the shoreline but if the full Island Walk is not your cup of tea you might prefer a pleasant walk to Church Island and the ancient Church of St Tysilio with fantastic views of Menai Bridge, the Britannia Bridge and the beautiful Menai Strait.

Menai Bridge

Menai Suspension Bridge: The jewel in the crown of the Town of Menai Bridge, indeed one of the jewels of North Wales, is the Menai Suspension Bridge. The bridge dominates the town, and what a bridge! We would recommend anybody to pay a visit to the base of the Bridge at the water's edge to appreciate its splendour: huge dressed limestone blocks form the columns that are topped with elegant arches. It gives a lie to the old adage that man can't improve on nature.

The Menai Bridge was, and is, a remarkable piece of engineering - a fact that was celebrated when the structure featured on the reverse side of a £1 coin issued in 2005. The Menai Bridge remains the major route for people travelling by car to and from Holyhead, nearly 200 years after it was first opened - some achievement.

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